How long does the process take?

The process will take between two and four days (weather permitting) depending on what needs to be done. Generally a 24 hour period is best between applications of decking products. Once coating is complete it is recommended that a further 3-4 days be allowed before returning furniture or using the deck

What types of decking product does Deck Renew use or recommend?

This depends on whether it’s a recoat, in which case it is the same product that’s been used or if it is a new application. There is a large range of product available such as Intergrain, Ultradeck, Sikkens, HLSe and Cetol Deck.

If there is a preference for a product we are happy to use them.

When should my deck be re coated?

Decks should generally be maintained with regular washing using a product like Sugar Soap, and a re-coating of the existing product every 12, 18 or 24 months depending on the level of wear and exposure to weather. It is important not to allow the coating to break down.

We maintain a record of your Deck Renew work and are happy to provide a maintenance programme to suit your needs.

What other services does Deck Renew provide?
  •         Deck Renew has experience and provides services to:
  •         Body Corporate management
  •         Real Estate property management
  •         Individual property investors
  •         Commercial property owners
Built a new deck – should I apply coating straight away?

It is recommended that new decking timber be left to allow the natural tannins and oils to dissipate for up to 8-12 weeks. This process can be sped up by frequently washing down the decking timber or using one of the specialist cleaning products available.

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