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Deck Renew is a Brisbane based Company who has been undertaking the restoration of timber decking to existing and new decks for the past 9 years.

The key to maintaining a great looking deck is to undertake regular maintenance cleaning and coating at regular intervals. This may vary depending on the level of exposure to weather as well as usage.

Essentially there are two scenarios:
  •      Where a deck can be cleaned and recoated with the same product
  •      Where a deck will need to be commercially sanded and recoated.

This process returns the deck surface to clean timber and allows for the best possible result after re-coating.

There are various situations that will add to the level of work and cost involved such as the need to punch “Domed” Nails to below the timber surface level prior to sanding decks that have been nailed using steel nail gun nails. Natural moisture causes the nails to rust out and the timber to rot around the nail replacement of small and large amounts of decking timber.
There is a wide range of decking products available and we will advise our recommendation depending on the previous product used or if it’s a new coating, one of the main products on the market.

To ensure that you get the best quality finish, preparation is the key. We will ensure that the right method is used whether it is sanding or the cleaning process.

Deck Renew is happy to provide a free quotation service and advice on the different types of products and what will be best suited to your needs. This ensures that the right product is used in the right situation.

To ensure that your decking is maintained, Deck Renew offers a maintenance programme to keep your decking surfaces looking great.

Deck Renew also provide service for the following:
  •      Internal Floor Sanding & Coating, new and old floors
  •      Timber Balustrade Repairs
  •      Referrals to Qualified Builder’s for major Sub Structure Deck Repairs
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